Kerry Washington Making Conversation


Kerry Washington killed it on SNL this past episode. I’ve seen a bunch of articles discussing how she successfully poked fun at the show’s diversity issues. That’s true, and most likely resulted as a creative collaboration between Washington and the writers. But this episode was the season’s best due to the host’s excellent preparation, radiant spirit, and natural talent.

I most enjoy the SNL episodes that value the acting chops of their hosts. Her range astonished as she channeled Michelle Obama in the cold open, teased unyielding African-American support for the president with her beautiful comedic timing in the How’s He Doing skit, and even ventured into offensive stereotype with a ghetto-fabulous assistant in the Career Week Speaker.

SNL would have less of a diversity issue if it continues to seek out fearless actors who not only thrive on comedic challenges but also rehearse and prepare. Kerry Washington is obviously a pro who triumphed over the recent rancor about black women comics. As a Scandal fan, I had every confidence in her. Will Lady Gaga continue the trend tonight?


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